Field Kitchen is a bespoke bicycle trailer that incorporates the necessary equipment to cook edible plants found on expeditions in urban wilds. Attempting self-sufficiency, the mobile kitchen uses rocket stoves powered by waste and wood to cook foraged food.

Field Kitchen makes physical and social interventions into public spaces, offering an invitation to people to smell and taste their botanical locale. The project examines what we can find in our immediate surroundings for sustenance, pleasure and well being – raising questions about our relationship with plants and food, our reliance on imported goods, and lost fields of knowledge.

This is a project has been developed by artist Rebecca Beinart, in consultation with specialists on wild food, fungi, herbal medicine, folklore, pickling and preserving. Field Kitchen is an ongoing invesitation,  conducting experiments in different locations to discover their potential for sustenance.

Field Kitchen has been developed with kind support from the Arts Council England and Hinterland.

Arts Council Hinterland